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International Ballroom Standard


Waltz is characterized by grace and elegance. It is a moving dance (it travels the floor) and is popular at wedding dances or other social gatherings. Technique for Waltz includes the most dramatic rise and fall of all the dances. It is counted as "One, Two, Three" with "One" being the downbeat.


Staccato and sharp, Tango is a moving dance whose character is catlike. This dance is most characterized by intense passion. Unlike the other Standard dances, there is no rise and fall in Tango. Footwork includes the picking and placing of the feet. Counted in Slows and Quicks.


Socially it is a walking dance. Competitively a moving dance characterized by smooth and flowing movements with feet that brush the floor. With the exception of the brushing technique, Foxtrot uses many similar figures to those found in Waltz. Counted in Slows and Quicks.

V. Waltz:

Viennese Waltz can be thought of as the combination of Waltz's grace and elegance with the inclusion of speed. Due to the fast timing of the music, many Waltz steps may not be executed in V. Waltz, and therefore the syllabus includes fewer figures. Viennese Waltz can be most characterized as a swirling traveling dance. Counted "One, Two, Three" with "One" being the downbeat and roughly double time of Waltz.


Quickstep is the fusion of Waltz and Foxtrot with a speed more comparable to V. Waltz. This is a regal dance characterized by grandeur and showmanship. The figures are almost identical to those of Waltz. Not as fast as V. Waltz, the technique includes less rise and fall to compensate for the speed. Quickstep is counted in Slows and Quicks, or if using numbers "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8", with "One" being the downbeat.

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